We offer AMC for all types of Diesel generators in Bangalore including KOEL Green, Cummins, Powerica, Kirloskar Green,  Ashok Leyland

Diesel generator AMC in Bangalore

The Diesel Generator AMC in Bangalore is a set of power backup solutions in case of power emergencies for the functioning of electrical devices. Especially in offices, it is a capital asset that needs regular monitoring by an expert. And an AMC can keep it running 24/ 7 without a minute failure…

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A Generator AMC service in Bangalore provides us the standard and protective maintenance for the trustworthy operation for your office generators. The experts are available round the clock and you can call the experts whenever the generator needs a revamp for better functioning. We can even give you assistance when there is a sudden breakdown.

Excellent Manpower we are empowered with a team of technically sound workers, acumen and proactive employees to provide the best services to our valued clients. Every task is executed by a group of experts having years of experience in their concerned discipline.

On-time Completion of the Task we are acknowledged for our capability to complete the assigned tasks within tight deadlines. Our endeavors are actually directed towards setting milestones in the arena of client satisfaction through our quality, better after sales services and highly economical prices.

The Scope of work:

  • Cleaning of Engine & Alternator
  • Air Filter element check & clean
  • Check condition & tension of V belt
  • Check for any Leakages
  • ‘B’ checks for Engine & Alternator
  • Check & Tighten nuts/bolts if necessary
  • Check Engine Oil & replace if necessary


  • Refurbishing of installing & working DG Sets
  • Maintenance of DG Sets
  • Maintaining minimum stocks of Spare Parts
  • Monthly logging parameters like Temperature, current drawn by motors, cleaning pressure & Oil Temperature etc
  • Preparing maintenance schedule for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Planning & execution for annual shut down
  • Emergency services during any breakdown

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