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Diesel Generators are the necessity and core of most trades these days. We are the leading suppliers of Diesel Generators for various industries across the city of Bangalore. Our end-to-end Genset process involves acquiring generators directly from manufacturers which are then examined thoroughly by our team of expert engineers before we process and supply them.

Genset For Rent Bangalore

We offer three types of diesel Generators for your convenience

Truck Mounted Diesel Generators

Stationary Diesel Generators

Portable Diesel Generators

Get the finest modern generator sets for all personal or business needs, with varying service capabilities.


Prime Generator

A prime generator your primary power source genset to run operations on a sustained basis. A prime generator can run for long durations giving a stable power source. With ability for variable power loads over time, prime gensets are best in areas without grid power connections. This includes remote areas, where prime gensets give sustained power access over a long period. Prime generators are perfect for several remote uses like running mines, oil and gas plants, construction sites, metal fabrications, and engineering uses.

Standby Generator

A standby generator is a backup power source for emergency uses. As backup power sources, standby generators run for shorter durations. They are meant to keep operations running when prime power sources are off.

A standby generator is adaptable for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. They have preset backup times that keep your power flow uninterrupted like short term outages. It provides emergency access to power in critical situations.

PowerSparrow India Pvt Ltd (Generator Rental and Repair Services)

Diesel Generator Provider in Bangalore

Our rental power equipment’s include containerized and canopy diesel generators, These are sound attenuated, fuel-efficient, self-contained, easily transportable, cost effective and designed to handle the requirements of hire applications regardless of industry, situation or location. 


PowerSparrow rental power equipment will ensure that you’ll never be without electric power. We supply a wide range of generator on rent from 20 KVA to 2000 KVA 

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